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Text #670

Council of Royal Prussia to Sigismund I Jagiellon
Löbau (Lubawa) 1539-06-14
English register:

The Prussian councillors express regret in connection with the King’s [Sigismund I Jagiellon’s] negative response to the supplication sent through the Bishop of Ermland (Warmia) [Ioannes Dantiscus], on changing the date and time of the springtime Diet [of Royal Prussia].

In the face of the continued danger posed by the plague, and invoking their privileges, they ask the King to consent to moving the date and time of the Diet that did not take place to St. Michael’s Day, and to leave the choice of venue up to the councillors. This will enable them to base their decision on the current epidemiological risk.

Their supplication is in the form of an open letter because at this time they do not have the seal of Royal Prussia with them. They are also sending the supplication to the Bishop of Ermland [Ioannes Dantiscus], who will clarify the matter to the King on their behalf in a separate letter.

Manuscript sources:
1copy in Latin, 16th-century, AAWO, AB, D. 68, f. 278r-v
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