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» Ioannes Dantiscus' Correspondence
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Manuscript sources to Dantiscus' correspondence: primary sources

Results found: 5

1 IDS 13977 IDL 4884  AAWO, AB, D. 65, f. 141 (Latin fair copy, 16th-century)
2 IDS 13984 IDL 4887  AAWO, AB, D. 65, f. 145 (Latin fair copy autograph, 16th-century)
3 IDS 19443 IDL 983   AAWO, AB, D. 65, f. 155 (Latin fair copy, 16th-century)
4 IDS 14540 IDL 5157  AAWO, AB, D. 65, f. 156 (Latin fair copy, 16th-century)
5 IDS 19323 IDL 931   AAWO, AB, D. 65, f. 157 (Latin fair copy, 16th-century)